Boxing Gym (Classes) in NYC

10 Best Boxing Gym (Classes) in NYC (Works For Beginners, Affordable)

New York City is the home of legendary boxers from the 1900s, from Sugar Ray Robinson to Jack “the Boxing Marvel” Britton, but currently the ring is dominated by the likes of Gervonta Davis and Terence Crawford – Americans from elsewhere in the states.

Could you be the boxer that brings victory back to NYC? If so, you’d better start taking one of these 10 best boxing gym classes in the city. Across NYC, you’ll find hundreds of gyms and workout areas where you can pick up some K.O. tips… but if you really want to succeed, you need the best of the best trainers.

This guide will take you through the best boxing classes, and the best boxing gyms, all within NYC.

10 Best Boxing Gym Classes in New York

We’ve selected these classes based on the notoriety of the gym, the quality of the lessons you’ll receive, and the customer ratings we’ve researched online. They come in at a range of prices, but make sure you double check the price before you book (as prices change over time).

1. Classes at Gleason’s Gym

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Price: $110 per month

Gleason’s Gym is perhaps not as well-known as Mendez and Trinity (see below) but the price, range of classes, and positive reviews from boxers make it the best! Located in Brooklyn, Gleason’s Gym offer monthly memberships or daily/weekly fees. There’s an amazing range of trainers and classes to choose from.

Besides traditional boxing, Gleason’s Gym also offers pee-wee boxing (boxing for kids), no-contact boxing for the neurodiverse, and boxing-style therapy for those with Parkinson’s. The gym is open 5am to 10pm weekdays, and 8am to 6pm on weekends.

2. Classes at Mendez Boxing NY

  • Location: Madison Square Park
  • Price: $200 per month (with a trainer)

Mendez Boxing is in an amazing location, and we really like their flexible pricing options. If you’re serious about training, jump right in with the $200 per month membership that puts you one-on-one with a trainer.

If you want to show up to see what it’s all about, there’s a free group class, with hand wrap and glove rental available. You can also pay with daily rates, paying $35 per day with group training.

Another reason we think Mendez offer the best boxing classes is because they do a FREE Zoom boxing class so you can get a sense of what it’s like. Just make sure you’re free on Saturdays at 12pm EST to attend!

3. Classes at Trinity Boxing Club

  • Location: Tribeca
  • Price: $150 for a 1-hour trial lesson

Trinity Boxing Club classes put you with a trainer, one-on-one. At the current time, they aren’t running group classes. If you’re serious about boxing, it’s an amazing place to visit. The history of the Trinity Boxing Club is impressive.

Prices are high at Trinity Boxing Club (but completely justified, in our opinion). You can get a 30-minute trial session with a trainer for $75. Trinity Boxing Club in NYC don’t use a membership fee structure. Instead, you pay for a set number of lessons in advance.

They also have a location in Los Angeles, for west-coast boxers.

4. Classes at Work Train Fight Gym

  • Location: Broadway St.
  • Price: $38 for a single class

Work Train Fight (WTF) is a gym on Broadway St. offering a wide range of classes and semi-private training sessions, as well as private training. Prices start from $38 for a single boxing class, but you’ll get a better deal if you book a bundle of classes at once.

Glove and towel rental is free, plus WTF limit their boxing classes to 20 students so trainers can focus more on students. The semi-private classes are limited to 4 students.

This gym also offers kickboxing classes if you decide boxing isn’t right for you.

5. Classes at Gloveworx

  • Location: Financial District
  • Price: $30+ per session

Gloveworx is a popular boxing gym in the Financial District offering a range of classes. If you work in the area, it’s great to stop by Gloveworx for a class before or after work. You have a choice of large group, small group, or one-on-one sessions to book, with varying prices.

Gloveworx give you a quote when you enquire about those classes, but from speaking to members and people who have enjoyed classes at Gloveworx, you should expect to pay a minimum of $30 for a session.

6. Classes at Gotham Gym

  • Location: West Village
  • Price: $36 per session

Gotham Gym, located in West Village, has a great range of boxing and kickboxing classes, as well as personal training if you need it. Prices start at $36 per session. The group fitness classes are also worth attending, if you want to box to stay fit rather than get serious about competing.

We love Gotham Gym – it has a really great atmosphere and the trainers are legends. You can also find Gotham Gym locations in Bridgehampton and Miami Beach FL.

7. Classes at Church Street Boxing Gym

  • Location: Chelsea Manhattan, Copiague Long Island
  • Price: $139 per month membership

The Church Street Boxing Gym also has a location in Long Island, and a great history behind it. Take individual classes, get a membership, or book in for private training. This boxing gym has a great range of trainers and regular classes to keep you in shape.

Furthermore, Church Street Boxing Gym also has Muay Thai lessons if you want to explore the martial arts. You can also sign up for boot camp fitness training here too.

8. Classes at Eastern Queens Boxing Club

  • Location: Queens Village
  • Price: Unknown

Located in Queens Village, this small boxing club has a great atmosphere and is perfect for boxers who already have the basics down. Trainers are professional and helpful. We were also super impressed to discover that their kids boxing classes are free, so you can get your kids interested in fitness from an early age.

To get a price for the sessions, classes, memberships, and private trainings, you need to make an enquiry with Eastern Queens Boxing Club. As far as we know, access to the gym is free for anyone with a membership to the club!

9. Classes at Brotherhood Boxing Club

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Price: Varies (contact for more)

The Brotherhood Boxing Club in Brooklyn is a USA Boxing registered amateur boxing club, which offers classes in small groups or private training at a reasonable price. You can contact Brotherhood Boxing Club to find out how to book a class or training session.

Customers have nothing but great things to say:

“The coaches here are all great and very helpful. Learned a lot at brotherhood boxing!!! Thank you guys!!!” – Jay Vargas via Facebook.

Compared to the bigger and well-known gyms in NYC, this boxing gym is small and has more of a family vibe going on.

10.  Classes at GRIT BXNG

  • Location: Union Square
  • Price: $39 for 1 class

Last on our list (and it was really hard to narrow this list down to just 10 boxing gyms) is GRIT BXNG in Union Square. This boxing gym has a set fitness routine that uses boxing techniques – so it’s great for anyone that wants to get in shape using boxing. If you want to box professionally, then head back up to the first few gyms on our list.

Prices at GRIT BXNG are reasonable, but we do recommend getting a membership to save money over the long run.

This gym also has a liquor bar! To understand what GRIT is really about, the vibe and atmosphere it creates, you need to visit for yourself.

Legendary Boxing Gyms in NYC

New York City boxing history is legendary. Madison Square Garden has hosted some of the most important boxing matches in history, including Rocky Marciano vs his childhood idol Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali’s first ever professional fight in 1962.

Some of the most legendary and well-known gyms are already on our list. Some of the most legendary boxing gyms in New York City include:

  • Gleason’s Gym,
  • Trinity Boxing Club,
  • Mendez Boxing Gym,
  • Aerospace HPC,
  • Overthrow NYC,
  • Shadowbox,
  • Rumble,
  • Gotham Gym,
  • Legacy Boxing Club,
  • Church Street Boxing Gym.

Along with Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles, New York City is one of the best places to find great boxing gyms in the US. But not all these legendary gyms will have classes that are available for lessons and classes.

How to Choose a Boxing Gym

For professional boxers with potential, the legendary gyms above will be eager to take you on. For beginners, here are a few tips to help you find a good boxing gym.

  1. Decide between a fitness gym and a true boxing gym. Some fitness gyms will use boxing to help you stay fit, but don’t teach sparring and gear you up for a match.
  2. Choose a gym with good equipment and a ring – check their social media for more photos.
  3. Check the reviews online, as well as how the gym responds to negative reviews.
  4. Make sure that the location is easy for you to access, and the schedule for classes and training sessions matches your availability.
  5. Sign up for a free or trial session, to see if you like the routine they offer.

If you get to the end of step 5, you should know for definite whether the boxing gym is the right fit for you!


How much do boxing classes cost in NYC?

In New York City, the prices can be quite high. But overall, it really depends on the quality of the gym and the intensity of the classes. If you want a one-off session, it’s likely to be around $30. If you want to get serious about boxing and train regularly, some gyms will have subscription or monthly payment plans that cost up to $200 per month. You can see the average price for the best classes in our list above.

Where do pro boxers train in NYC?

Pro boxers will have a specific gym or trainer that they are loyal to, but there’s not necessarily just one gym in New York where they all go! If you’re looking for a boxing gym in NYC with prestige, look into Trinity Boxing Club or Mendez Boxing Gym.

How long does it take to learn to box?

You can get the techniques down in about 6 months if you train hard and have a good trainer. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be good! Becoming good at boxing takes skill, raw talent, and determination – there’s no set timeline, it can be a life-long pursuit.

What is the best gym in NYC for boxers?

Trinity Boxing Club is considered one of the best. Gyms that are specifically geared towards traditional boxing (not martial arts of all kinds) will likely be the best option if you want to get serious about the sport. Read our recommendations above, or search online to find boxing gyms near you.

Can I learn boxing at home?

Absolutely, you can learn the basics of boxing at home. The simplest techniques, from how to stand to how to punch correctly, can be learnt at home. You can sign up for a virtual course or use the hundreds of videos on YouTube.

However, if you want to learn boxing for more than fun or a fitness routine, then you need to attend a gym. You need a professional to work with you on technique, skill, and drills. A trainer will push you much harder than you can push yourself. Furthermore, a gym will have all the pro equipment you need – it’s expensive to buy all this to have at home!

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