Two NBA Superstars Want To Slug It Out Under Mike Tyson's Boxing Promotion

Via International Business Times

NBA players Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas could be the next pair of former pro cagers trying their hands in boxing.

Young suggested it on social media. Though the idea is interesting to casuals, it is likely to gain new criticism from established names in the sport.

The 35-year-old’s tweet comes not long after it was announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will face Logan Paul on Feb. 20 in another unusual exhibition clash.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how a heated exchange between Mayweather and Paul hinted at a possible fight happening in 2021.

Paul boasted that he could defeat Mayweather with one punch and the undefeated American boxer responded with insults of his own.

Avid basketball fans are likely to see how it goes. It comes not long after that devastating knockout that former NBA Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson suffered at the hands of Paul's younger brother Jake.

While it cannot be discounted that Young and Arenas can explore other sports, their entry has not been warmly accepted by actual boxers.

One of those who are left shaking their heads is Claressa Shields. She believes that actual pugilists deserve to get that kind of exposure, TMZ Sports reported.

Regardless, that decision will fall in the hands of Legends Only League boss Mike Tyson. Compared to the Paul-Robinson clash, an encounter between two former NBA stars should be interesting.

Both will try to do better than what the 36-year-old did, but most felt he did not have the proper boxing training.

Ironically, one person who would be open to training Robinson is boxing legend George Foreman according to another report by TMZ. He feels that the three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion has untapped talent.

Given the chance, Foreman would be happy to take Robinson under his wing and hopefully get a rematch to avenge his loss to Paul.