How Much Are Boxing Classes

How Much Are Boxing Classes For Beginners (One Time, Monthly And Lifetime)

If you’re considering take a boxing class, go for it! It’s one of the most fun combat sports to learn, with a great support network from gyms across the country in every major city. But don’t be put off by the prices.

With the majority of boxing gyms, you’re actually getting a really good deal by booking classes. This guide will help you spot the best deals, identify the gyms that are suspiciously cheap, and judge when you are being overpriced!

Let’s dig in and discover the average price of a boxing class in America during 2022.

The Average Boxing Class Price: Quick Summary

From our research, the cost for a single boxing class is around $30. This will include a group session, use of the gym facilities, and guidance from a boxing instructor.

The price will go up or down depending on:

  • The notoriety of the gym,
  • The length of the class,
  • The number of students in a class,
  • Class availability and demand,
  • The city you are located in (the more expensive the city is for the gym, the higher their prices will need to be).

Furthermore, not all gyms have a pay-per-class payment structure. You may be able to pay for a bundle of classes for a lower cost or pay for a membership that gives you access to a certain number of classes per month.

So, let’s explore the different payment options gyms offer next.

How to Pay for Boxing Classes

How to Pay for Boxing Classes

Depending on your previous experience with boxing, plus your knowledge of the particular gym you want to join, you might be better off paying for a bundle of classes or membership instead of a single class at a time.

The One-Off Boxing Class

What exactly happens in a boxing class and the routine you go through will be different from gym to gym. That’s really why a one-off class is a good idea if you’re just starting out or have moved to a new city.

Paying for a single class is the costliest way to practice boxing, but it enables you to judge if it’s right for you… without making a big monetary commitment.

As mentioned above, the average cost for a single class is $30. Some gyms may offer free options, like a Zoom class or the chance to observe a class, so you can gage whether it’s right for you before joining.

Using Glovewrx as an example, here’s what you can expect for a single boxing class:

  • $30+ minimum price for a session,
  • 1 hour session length,
  • Small group option (up to 6 people) giving you more time with the trainer,
  • Choose between a Blitz or Boom session (high-intensity workout or athlete-style with skill building).

The Bundle of Classes

A bundle option lets you buy a set number of classes (usually within a set period) for a discounted price. It gives you a small discount and the motivation to attend several sessions, but it doesn’t come with the commitment that an ongoing membership has.

Some gyms will let you decide which classes are in your bundle, and when you attend them. Other gyms will be stricter. Here’s what Work Train Fight offers for boxing class packages:

  • Single class, valid for 30 days – $38
  • 5 classes, valid for 3 months – $180
  • 10 classes, valid for 6 months – $340
  • 20 classes, valid for 12 months – $640

The more classes you purchase in one go, the bigger the discount. Note that it’s still not a huge discount. This is because besides paying for the trainer, you also need to pay to have the gym open, using the equipment, cleaning the equipment, and other overheads that the business is covering (like insurance).

Here’s a reminder: always be respectful of a gym and don’t try to negotiate a lower price. It is disrespectful.

The Monthly Membership

If a boxing gym doesn’t offer a payment for classes (individually or in a bundle) then they most likely have a membership style payment structure. It’s very common and can save you money in the long run, if you know that you will attend the gym regularly.

Like all gym memberships, this is best for those who are committed and already have the discipline to show up multiple times a week. In our experience, the people who sign up for a membership as a means of motivation usually end up skipping the gym after a few sessions!

With a membership, classes may be included automatically. You’ll have a set number of classes that you can attend per month, plus access to the gym, equipment and maybe the trainers too.

Membership tends to be cheaper when there are no classes altogether. Using LA’s famous Wild Card Boxing Gym as an example:

  • $25 per month for licensed amateurs or pro boxers,
  • $50 per month for adults over 18 years,
  • $5 for a single day in the gym.

This doesn’t include renting any equipment, classes, or training. If you want someone to teach you, you’ll need to pay up more.

Now if we look at a monthly membership that includes classes, using NYC Church Street Boxing Gym as an example, it’s a different story:

  • $159 per month,
  • 50+ all-level classes per month,
  • Use of all facilities and equipment,
  • Cancel anytime.

This is actually a pretty decent price! Most monthly memberships are around the $200 mark when they include unlimited classes and equipment.

The Lifetime Membership

If you are a pro boxer or know that you will definitely get a lot of use from the gym, then it may be worth considering a lifetime membership.

Not every gym will offer a lifetime membership, and most that do will only offer it to select members – you can’t just rock up and buy one. Prices are high, usually with a one-off payment up front (thousands of dollars) followed by a very small yearly cost just to keep up with inflation.

This is a good option if you are a licensed amateur or on the path to become a pro boxer. It’s expensive but will save you money in the long run.

Contact your regular gym to find out if they would be open to a lifetime membership deal.

Group Classes vs One-On-One Training

Now you know what sort of price you should budget for, let’s look at the two main session types available:

  • Group class – a group class consists of a single trainer and multiple students. The smallest classes have 5 students, the largest can have up to 30! The smaller the class, the more attention you’ll get from the trainer, who may be able to give you some personalized tips. In the largest classes, you’ll be in a larger room and working on skills/techniques/building strength as a group. Imagine spin class, but for boxing. You may need to pair off with other students for some exercises. This is an inexpensive and fun way to learn boxing, plus it makes the sport even more social and a chance to meet new people.
  • One-on-one – this is expensive, and you may need to pay for the gym time on top of whatever fees the trainer has. Other gyms might bundle the prices together. Regardless, a one-on-one session is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just you and your trainer. The session will be tailored to your needs and will focus on your goals. You might find that your trainer leaves you to get on with the task while they tend to other clients, while other trainers are more attentive. It really depends on the gym and the trainer themselves.

Most good gyms will have a short profile of the trainers and class leaders on their website. If not, don’t be afraid to contact them on social media and ask.

Other Costs to Consider

Besides the gym costs, you’ll also need to buy some equipment. Double check with your gym if they provide any equipment or have a rental service.

  • Clothing – shorts and t-shirts/tank tops are the norm. Any brand will do for training, so you can even go to the thrift shop if you need to save money.
  • Wraps or gauze – these wrap up your hands to keep them solid and strong. Budget $5 to $20, depending on the brand.
  • Gloves – yes, the iconic boxing gloves. Make sure you get the right size! Budget $20 for a cheap pair but be prepared to pay up to $100 for a really good pair.
  • Ring shoes – you can wear your usual sneakers or gym shoes for training, but in the ring you may be required to wear ring shoes. Budget $30 to $150 for these.
  • Mouthguard – only required when you are sparring. Budget $10 to $20 for a decent pair.

These prices are average for July 2022, when shopping on Amazon. Depending on the brand and inflation, these prices could be higher. As mentioned above, your gym may be able to rent you some equipment or offer discounts to keep the costs down.


What is the average cost of a boxing class in the US?

We researched boxing classes from cities across the US and found that $30 is about average for a class from a reputable gym. You can certainly find cheaper, but we can’t vouch for the professionalism and trustworthiness.

How much does it cost to train for boxing overall?

Group classes are often around $30, as explained above. Add on the cost of equipment and you’re looking at up to $200 per month for a beginner – this will pay the gym for classes/training and rental of equipment/gear. If you’re looking to be a pro boxer, you’ll need one-on-one training which costs considerably more.

Is professional boxing training worth it?

Yes, it is. Compared to other martial arts, it’s easier to learn and the classes are more widely available. Furthermore, it’s fairly inexpensive if you’re learning for self-defense purposes – you’re just paying the cost of classes.

If you want to train to become a pro boxer, like Tyson Fury or Floyd Mayweather, you’ve got a longer journey ahead. You will need a good trainer and a good gym to start off with, working with a manager later on when your skill improves to a pro level.

How often should beginners take boxing classes?

If you want to progress with boxing, then take at least 1 class per week. 2 classes per week will be best for most people. You can also add some general gym workouts between boxing classes – building overall body strength is going to help speed up the process somewhat. Speak to your boxing class teacher or trainer about what you can do to supplement the boxing sessions.

Is it cheap to learn how to box?

While boxing is not the most expensive sport (that will most likely go to something like show jumping or horse racing) it does still have upfront and ongoing costs. With a sport like running, you can get away with some cheap sneakers and your nearest park. With boxing, however, you need punching bags, tape or gauze, and boxing gloves just to train. Then if you want to professionally box and spar with other boxers, you’ll need a mouthguard, professional training, plus the costs to fight in the ring.

You can learn the basic techniques at home with a few YouTube videos, but if you want to get serious about boxing them be prepared to pay a gym for all the above equipment and expertise.

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