Best Boxing Gyms in San Antonio

The Best Boxing Gyms in San Antonio (Plus What to Do After Selecting One)

Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) are becoming increasingly appreciated in the US, and Texas is among the leading states with a significant following of over 1.5 million. With its excellent combination of old and contemporary patterns, San Antonio, Texas, has always showcased an impressive boxing spectacle. Similarly, the city is popularly known as a place where many cultures and customs converge.

This guide reveals the most acclaimed boxing gyms in San Antonio, Texas.

Top 6 Boxing Gyms in San Antonio, Texas

Finding a reputable gym in a city like San Antonio could be difficult. However, we’re here to lessen your troubles with our list of boxing gyms in San Antonio, providing nothing short of the best when rendering their services.

Here are the six best boxing gyms and clubs in San Antonio, Texas:

1. Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym

  • Address: 8318 Jones Maltsberger Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78216.
  • Price Range: It depends on the agreement.

The Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym is one of the most decent places in San Antonio, Texas, for professional boxing instruction and self-defense programs. It’s at 8318 Jones Maltsberger Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78216. At this gym, you only need to make one trip to get the appropriate tools, resources, and instruction because its trainers handle your fitness training requirements in one location.

The gym aims to instill discipline and respect in its students while impacting useful self-defense skills and de-escalation tactics. The fitness programs include boxing classes, training for kids, cardio classes, women’s classes, and personal training. Similarly, its courses comprise all the necessary boxing techniques and provide outstanding fitness and conditioning.

To keep the boxing spirit alive, the Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym strongly emphasizes character development and the advancement of physical health. It provides your requirement to tackle your fitness demands for a fee you agree on, depending on your training program(s). Its instructors committed to giving you the best training may help you master your desired skill quickly.

2. Box Beat

  • Address: 4553 N. Loop 1604 West, San Antonio, TX 78249.
  • Price Range: $75–$265 per month, depending on the package.

Box Beat is a reliable boxing gym that offers boxing lessons for all skill levels, from novice to professional. It also trains men, women, and children. Box Beat trainees receive the same training, exercises, and technique improvements as professional boxers.

Box Beat gym, which is female-owned and -operated, inspires and empowers women to express themselves freely and find their inner strength and confidence. It allows its trainees to practice like professional boxers with a group of qualified trainers.

The gym boasts that it’ll provide the greatest coaches if boxing is the most difficult sport in the world. Furthermore, the instructors are driven to help the trainees reach their optimal physical condition.

3. The Club. K.O

  • Addresses:
    • 8303 Speedway Drive, San Antonio, TX. 78230.
    • 12030 Bandera Road Suite 104, Helotes, TX. 78023.
  • Price Range: $69–$160, depending on the plan.

Club K.O. is a renowned boxing club in Texas with two branches — San Antonio and Helotes. With its decent facility, the gym’s areas of expertise include personal training, amateur boxing education, and group workout sessions.

Individuals seeking an engaging, stimulating, and heart-pounding workout session can benefit from the club’s boxing, kickboxing, cross training, and self-defense lessons. Additionally, it provides boxing technique courses for amateur boxers wishing to improve their abilities.

Youngsters aged 6 to 12 can enroll in its children’s classes for both boys and girls. Club K.O. also provides private, one-on-one personal training with licensed personal trainers and offers its first training session free for prospects.

The club offers diverse boxing classes, such as the “Boxing K.O.” — a 55-minute, intense workout combining high-intensity boxing with conditioning drills to provide a complete, all-over exercise.

It also provides the “Combo K.O.” class, which combines the elements of cross-training and boxing courses. This class combines strength and conditioning exercises comprising weights, body bars, dumbbells, and other tools with vital bag work.

4. 9Round Fitness

  • Address: 9822 Potranco Rd Suite 103, San Antonio, Texas 78251.
  • Price Range: $49-$349, depending on the plan.

An American couple founded 9Round to improve the quality of boxing and life. IKF Light Middleweight Kickboxing World Champion Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson and his wife Heather conceived the idea to establish the fitness center.

As busy parents who doubled as karate school owners, they intended to provide a location where committed individuals could receive substantial exercise without scheduling their whole life attending classes or investing several hours at the gym. The 9Round Fitness was established on Shannon’s martial arts and kickboxing background and Heather’s love for fitness.

At 9Round Fitness, you’re provided an avenue for self-competition and develop your combat skills with each workout. You can also benefit from the center’s studios regardless of your level in your fitness journey. Additionally, it offers semi-private instructions, workout sessions, circuit training, heart rate training, and nutritional support.

With over 26 locations globally, 9Round fitness has stabilized itself in the fitness world.

5. Tapout Fitness

  • Address: 903 E Bitters Road #309, San Antonio, TX 78216.
  • Price Range: $25–$27 per class, depending on the category.

Tapout Fitness, a subsidiary of the Tapout business family, was established in 2014. Tapout is owned and run by two major companies — World Wrestling Entertainment and Authentic Brands Group (ABG). The former is the industry leader in wrestling-based entertainment, while the latter is a brand advancement, marketing, and entertainment company with worldwide operations of over 30 lifestyle, sports, celebrity, and entertainment brands.

Tapout Fitness caters to your combat sports needs, whether seeking a conventional fitness center with the latest in cardio and strength equipment or the most popular group exercise programs available. The establishment blends the drive of cardio, weight training, and high-intensity interval training with the discipline, tenacity, and respect of martial arts.

It offers a customized approach to fitness, and you’ll become a member of its reputable fitness family when you sign up for the Tapout Fitness community. The center prioritizes assisting its members in achieving their fitness objectives.

6. Universal Karate Studios

  • Address: 1512 Bandera Rd., Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78228.
  • Price range: $49 per month.

Universal Karate Studios is a martial arts establishment in San Antonio that motivates and encourages students to realize their greatest potential. Its primary goal is to provide students with the top martial arts instruction in the San Antonio region. This helps equip them with the skills necessary to protect themselves, keep them in excellent health, and help them lead successful lives.

Universal Karate Studios has established a reputation as one of the best martial arts schools in San Antonio. It achieved this accolade by enhancing the lives of its students and giving them the tools they need to succeed in combat sports.

The organization doesn’t express the notion that martial arts is only about fighting. Rather, it boasts a curriculum offering other martial arts practices besides fighting. The Universal Karate Studios is renowned for its excellent self-improvement method.

Elements of a Successful Boxing Training Program

(Selected a San Antonio Boxing Gym Yet? What’s Next?)

One size fits all when it comes to some things in life. However, other situations, such as boxing training, require unique and tailored approaches. It’s more effective for you to plan your training program when engaging in a boxing exercise to improve your endurance, strength, accuracy, and power. Ultimately, you’re more familiar with your body than others and aware of your specific objectives.

You may spend more time, effort, and resources than anyone else on your passion for boxing. Still, you’ll react to these elements specifically. So, you must create a unique, tailored boxing training program to improve your training efficacy and efficiency.

Let’s look at the essential components involved in planning your boxing training.


When training for boxing, you must build your lower body strength and general body endurance through sprints, jogging, and moderately paced running. You can enjoy all the fancy cardiovascular training machines in the world. Yet, nothing comes close to delivering the same effectiveness you’ll get from just running regularly for several days each week.

Heavy Bag Training

Incorporating heavy bag hitting into your boxing workouts is vital to improving your coordination, technique, power, and stamina. Working with heavy bags will help you develop impact strength and repeated retraction while allowing you to exercise yourself. It would help if you also used the heavy bag to target your uppercut, cross, jab, hook, and bolo.


The ability to contact your opponent with your fist is the fundamental principle of boxing. A complete boxing training program must focus on developing your uppercut, hook, bolo punch, and jab. Furthermore, improving your defense skills of bob/weave, parry, and sliding is critical.

Speed Bag Practice

Speed bag practice can improve your punching speed, giving you an edge while “drawing back” after each punch to prepare for the next. This mechanism is similar to how the heavy bag works and helps develop power. By developing your endurance through speed bag practice, you could be the last one standing in the actual boxing ring.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope has been a significant component of training for nearly every outstanding boxer over the past 100 years. Some benefits of jumping rope are increased footwork, core stability, endurance, agility, and fat reduction. Double-under and criss-cross jumps can provide better outcomes than standard leaping in the same practice period.

Weight Training

Boxing is a unique mix of anaerobic and aerobic performances. It’s best to deal with these factors if you want to succeed in boxing. Again, you must be physically strong to outlive your opponent in the ring.

You may develop punching power at a much greater level than regular punching training by using exercises like the bench press, triceps press downs, squats, biceps curls, chins, shrugs, and deadlift.

Consider your existing abilities and weaknesses, and allocate a larger portion of your training time to the exercises and disciplines that will assist you in strengthening these weaker areas. Change things by keeping track of the disciplines you practice daily and the gains you experience as an outcome.


Can someone who’s out of form practice boxing in San Antonio?

Well, yes and no. We’ll explain more below.

Boxing is undoubtedly a particularly demanding sport in San Antonio. You’ll benefit more from sessions if you have a basic degree of cardiovascular fitness.

It’s sometimes remarked that a boxer’s technical prowess is pointless if they aren’t in shape. More importantly, fitness is paramount in boxing.

Is it difficult to learn boxing in San Antonio?

Not per se. It all comes down to certain factors mentioned below.

Boxing involves tremendous discipline, planning, awareness, and subtlety globally. For this reason, many refer to it as “the sweet science.” Building a strong technical foundation is crucial when signing up at a boxing gym in San Antonio.

At what age can one start attending boxing gyms in San Antonio?

While some boxers began training for the sport as early as they were eight years old, others didn’t start until their mid-twenties. However, some fighters didn’t wear their first pair of gloves till they were above 40. Accordingly, there’s never a wrong time to start boxing in San Antonio.

Bottom Line

It’s critical for aspiring firefighters desiring boxing lessons in San Antonio to explore some of the most renowned boxing gyms in the city. These gyms offer their clients high-quality training at reasonable costs with excellent results.

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