Best Boxing Gyms Las Vegas

The Best Boxing Gyms (Classes) Las Vegas (Top 8 List)

Woo! Vegas! Yes, it’s the renowned “sin city” in the US… but it’s not just full of casinos and unhealthy food joints. Las Vegas hosts the most memorable boxing matches in the world, and it’s an amazing place to train too. If you’re thinking of joining a boxing gym in Las Vegas, you need to read this list first.

We’re going to explore the 8 best boxing gyms in Las Vegas, discover some of the legendary training locations and the best modern gyms that have popped up in recent years.

To help you choose a gym that fits your budget, we’ve also found the average prices for classes and memberships. Just bear in mind that prices change over time, so double check with the gym before you book.

8 Best Boxing Gyms in Las Vegas

We’ve selected these gyms based on customer reviews, speaking to people who train regularly in Las Vegas, as well as considering some of the most infamous locations.

1.  Mayweather Boxing & Fitness Gym

  • Locations: Spring Valley, Green Valley, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Prices: $89+ monthly membership

Type in ‘Mayweather Las Vegas’ and you’ll get hundreds of results. But of the many gyms that are using the Mayweather name, it’s Mayweather Boxing & Fitness that you really want to look out for. With locations across the US, including three within Las Vegas, this boxing gym is a brilliant place to take classes.

Monthly memberships start at $89 per month for 4 classes. There’s also a membership option with unlimited classes, for the serious boxers. For complete beginners, you can get your first class for free.

This gym offers training that utilizes a combination of boxing, strength, and cardio conditioning. You can take group classes, hire a personal trainer, or use the gym as you wish between scheduled classes.

2. City Boxing Gym

  • Location: Central (Sammy Davis Jr Drive)
  • Prices: $139 per month membership (all classes available)

The City Boxing Club in Las Vegas is one of the best. Training the likes of David Benavidez, Michael Hunter, and Jessie Vargas, this club is home to some magnificent boxers. But you don’t need to be a pro to train here.

City Boxing Gym is a place for trainers at all levels, whether you just want to learn the skills or become a pro boxer. They have both kids and adult classes. Most classes are held during weekdays, with the gym only open for an hour on Saturday, closed on Sunday.

The price is good too, with a membership structure that gives you access to as many classes as you want to attend each month.

3. Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym

  • Location: Downtown Las Vegas
  • Prices: Reasonable?!

Johnny Tocco’s is a legendary place that has been operating since the 1950s. Pictured above is Mike Tyson taking a break from training at this very gym in 1987! This is the kind of gym that has a legendary status and doesn’t even need a website to be well-known (seriously, there’s no website).

What we do know from talking to regulars is that it’s an amazing place to train. The owners and the trainers who work here are professional, friendly, and just awesome to be around. They even have some training/classes for kids.

To get a quote for classes or training, or just to find out what the gym is like, make sure you contact them directly.

4. Boe Boxing and Fitness Gym

  • Location: Paradise
  • Prices: $15 drop-in class, $70 one-month unlimited classes

Boe is another excellent gym. It might not have the longevity of Johnny Tocco’s or the infamous name of Mayweather’s, but it has charm and a great group of trainers. Amateur and new boxers love this gym equally.

As well as boxing classes, personal training, and an open gym for training between classes, Boe Boxing also has classes for kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. You’ll run into bodybuilders and fitness models at this gym too.

The pricing is decent, with a pretty cheap monthly membership (when you compare it to NY prices, at least) and the option to just drop-in to classes whenever. You can send your kids here for boxing classes too.

5. 3D Boxing & Fitness Gym

  • Location: Anthem
  • Prices: $260 unlimited classes per month

Located in Anthem Village, a little way from central Las Vegas, 3D Boxing & Fitness is a family run gym that’s super popular with the locals. There are classes for both adults and kids, plus some virtual classes that began during the pandemic lockdowns.

The $260 price for unlimited monthly membership is a few years out of date. This gym has a really cool family vibe and an old-school way of doing things, so if you really want to book a class or learn more about the gym, you’ll need to contact them directly. We’ve heard that the first class you take may be free too!

Besides boxing, this gym also has a schedule for kickboxing, yoga, and even dance.

6. Rumble Boxing Gym

  • Location: Southeast (Silverado Ranch)
  • Prices: $25 drop in class

Rumble boxing has locations all over the states, so you may have trained here before. Although, the training here is more fitness oriented. You will definitely learn technique and become a better boxer, but the majority of the classes are designed like group workouts (DJs included).

If you want to get fit using boxing training, this gym is awesome for you. Bear in mind that it’s closer to Henderson than central Las Vegas, so it may be a little out of the way.

Drop-in class prices are $25 or you can contact the gym directly to find out what their prices are for memberships. There are 4 class per month, 8 class per month, and unlimited classes per month membership options.

7. Fight Capital Gym

  • Location: Westside
  • Prices: Free first class (contact for price)

Fight Capital Gym was the first MMA gym founded in Las Vegas, but they offer some amazing boxing classes too. The regulars have nothing but great things to say about the trainers that work here and the diverse class schedule that covers everything from boxing to jiu jitsu to muay Thai.

Your first boxing class is free, to get an idea of what it’s like. But from the people we’ve queried, there’s no reason not to like this gym – it’s very beginner friendly and a “no ego” atmosphere. Kids classes are available too. You need to contact Fight Capital Gym to find out how much regular classes cost.

Private lessons are also available, if you’d like to train one-on-one to hone your skills.

8. Cardio Kings Fitness Gym

  • Location: North Las Vegas
  • Prices: $40 for a private 30-minute session

Like Rumble, this is a gym that primarily helps people lose weight, get in to shape, and have fun by using a boxing workout. The trainers are very knowledgeable about boxing and can certainly teach you the skills you need, but you’ll also get the workout of a lifetime!

Located in North Las Vegas, the motto of this gym is “train like a fighter without taking the punches” and their customers are super happy with the results. If you want to tone up your body and become leaner, stronger, and healthier, then you should definitely sign up.

Prices are quoted for private one-on-one sessions, and they are very reasonable, so if you are put off by the idea of group classes then this gym will really appeal to you.


Is Las Vegas good for boxing?

Las Vegas is best for watching boxing, there’s no doubt about that. The most renowned boxing venues are all in Las Vegas. But the city is also home to a growing number of boxing gyms. While many still believe Los Angeles, Chicago or New York are the best cities to find awesome boxing gyms, Las Vegas is firmly on the map too. Discover the best boxing gyms in Las Vegas above.

Who trains in Las Vegas?

Although Vegas is the place to make history when it comes to professional boxing matches, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the best boxers come out of Las Vegas. George Foreman, for example, began training in California. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is one of the legendary boxers who trained in Las Vegas, and you’ll find his legacy gym in our list above.

Which is the best boxing gym in Las Vegas?

For prestige and the famous boxers that visit, Mayweather may have the best boxing gym. However, City Boxing and Boe Boxing are also great, and a little gentler on your wallet (but not your workout).

What boxers live in Las Vegas?

Many famous boxers have lived in Las Vegas at a time, and several boxers have bought impressive homes in the city – whether they live their fulltime or not, is unknown. Floyd Mayweather Jr and Mike Tyson are among the most well-known boxers to reside in Las Vegas.

Where are most boxing matches held in Las Vegas?

Currently the MGM Grand is the best and most used venue for boxing matches, streaming live around the world. Historically, Caesars Palace was the place for high profile professional boxing matches to take place, along with Las Vegas Hilton and the Las Vegas Convention Center dating back to the 1960s.

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