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Top Boxing Gyms in Houston For Beginners Near Me, Texas (Plus Factors to Consider)

If you’re a Houston resident that’s never been to a boxing gym before, or if you’re an experienced boxer, you’ll likely find a welcoming gym on this list. Houston, Texas, boasts some of the best boxing gyms in the country.

Boxing is an excellent form of exercise that benefits both your body and your mind. However, if you’re just starting, it can be overwhelming.

Our list of the best boxing gyms in Houston can help you find a welcoming and friendly place to train. We’ll tell you about the classes they offer, their facilities, and the trainers and instructors who work there.

Nine (9) Best Boxing Gyms in Houston, Texas

If you seek a place to learn boxing in Houston, you undoubtedly have many options — making it more challenging to find a good fit. Apparently, in Houston and the surrounding areas, there’s no shortage of boxing gyms in Houston and the surrounding areas. However, to make your search easy, we’ve helped you identify the most popular boxing gyms in the area.

Our list comprises gyms with the best facilities and trainers. Also, most require a monthly membership fee to participate in group classes or one-on-one coaching. We’ve analyzed them and believe these nine boxing gyms offer the best training for both beginners and advanced boxers.

Without further ado, here are the top boxing gyms in Houston, Texas:

1. Title Boxing Club

  • Address: 3100 Fannin St 110, Houston, TX 77004
  • Cost: Monthly membership is $20, and the yearly membership is $200

This boxing gym provides you with the most challenging boxing workout of your life. Their instructors are there to help you learn the ropes as a beginner. In no time, you can learn the basics of combat training.

In addition to providing a challenging workout routine, the gym promotes a sense of community. They have programs that keep you fit, especially regarding calorie burning and strength-building workouts.

Title Boxing Club offers you not only boxing training but also classes for fitness and kickboxing workouts. They release new workouts every Monday, so you’ll never run out of ideas for new workouts to try at home.

Additionally, they offer online boxing training and have the best instructors for this. Regardless of your fitness or skill level, this gym accommodates everyone.

2. Hank’s Gym

  • Address: 5320 Elm St, Houston, TX 77081
  • Cost: For $199 per month, you can take as many classes as you want or pay $20 per class for drop-ins

If you aim for a fit physique, this gym has everything you need. The facility has standard gym equipment like power racks, weight lifting benches, etc. This way, you can engage in any workout you desire. They even have heavy bags in this boxing gym.

Since the gym is well-maintained, you won’t have any issues when working out. Also, there’s no problem with overcrowding at Hank’s  Gym. What’s more, the place is open for all ages and skill levels.

Furthermore, Hank’s Gym has group boxing classes held on Mondays through Thursdays for one hour — 5 am to 6 am. All genders and skill levels are welcome.

That’s not all; Hank’s staff members are warm and welcoming. You’re likely to always meet someone around for advice or assistance.

3. Savarese Fight Fit WestU

  • Address: 4215 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77025
  • Cost: $35 for a drop-in session and $360 per month

If you live around Houston, this gym is one of the best places to hone your boxing skills. They have the best professional boxing champions as instructors that will bring in their knowledge and experience.

They also have boxing training sessions for all ages. So, whether it’s just for one class, a one-on-one session, or even a lifetime membership to their Founders Club, they’re always ready to welcome you.

The gym facility is state-of-the-art, and they have innovative equipment. You’ll get a personalized training session tailored to fit your schedule. There’s also room for kids, so you can bring your children with you to train.

4. Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai

  • Address: Main Street Boxing Gym, Houston, TX 77002-1612 Austin St.
  • Cost: $100–175 depending on the package

For many, there’s no better place to work out or do boxing training than Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai. It’s a good option for those apprehensive about joining a gym that isn’t well equipped. Also, they have an incredibly welcoming staff, so you’ll feel comfortable here.

The gym staff has a passion for fitness, and for this reason alone, you’ll be motivated. That aside, it’s a great place to train in boxing. It boasts three rings and a good selection of heavy bags available at the boxing gym.

Moreover, the gym holds classes that will challenge and better equip you. In addition, the staff is knowledgeable and will push you to improve at this craft.

On the other hand, an open gym membership allows you to use the equipment but not participate in classes. The gym also has a dedicated app to help you keep track of your classes and gym fees. Summarily, if you’re looking for classes that are both interesting and challenging, this is the place for you.

5. HTX FightCamp

  • Address: 827 W. 34th St., Houston, TX 77018
  • Cost: $100-$300/month, depending on the program

Adults and kids alike can feel safe and will certainly feel very comfortable at HTX FightCamp. It’s a great place to give boxing a trial without making any long-term commitments.

HTX FightCamp has a free class on your first attendance. So, if you’re comfortable with their boxing training sessions, you can choose to subscribe to their boxing classes afterward.

The boxing classes at this gym are challenging but safe; after all, it’s a female-owned gym, so many thoughts are put into safety. Notably, the gym has heavy bags, weights, battle ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, and many more. You’ll learn about your body and build strength in the classes.

Drop-in options are also available, so you don’t have to sign up for full membership.

6. Legends Boxing Memorial

  • Address: 9414 Gaylord Dr, Houston, TX 77024
  • Cost: $120/month

Legends Boxing Memorial is one place to engage in invigorating boxing classes. It’s a gym that will challenge you, and more importantly, it’s safe. It also welcomes newbies, and the gym focuses on overall fitness.

The many facilities customers enjoy are their impressive boxing rings and heavy bags. Legend Boxing Memorial also has a Training Partner class designed for couples. Additionally, there’s the Upstart for college students.

You should expect a slightly different experience each time you attend their classes. Thankfully, you can try them out using their free one-hour workout to see if this boxing gym is right for you.

7. Heritage Muay Thai

  • Address: 1604 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas 77018
  • Cost: $100/month

Heritage Muay Thai offers a variety of combat training and not just boxing. So, whether you’re looking for a martial arts class for children or Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), they have it all.

The boxing gym is tailored to both novice and seasoned fighters. Also, they have a friendly and helpful staff ready to welcome you.

This boxing gym has enough boxing rings, heavy-duty bags, mats, and other equipment for participants. What’s more, current fighters and even ex-fighters manage the boxing classes.

To sign up, you don’t need to possess any prior experience, and you can try it out for free first. It’s also a great place to start kickboxing, enroll your child in martial arts, or learn Muay Thai from experts.

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai as it is known in Thailand, is the ultimate striking art. In other words, it represents the science of the eight limbs.

This boxing training covers more than just kicks and punches; it also uses elbows, knees, and other joints. So, if you’re looking for a gym to learn Thai boxing in Houston, you should head to the Heritage Muay Thai gym. You’ll not only learn to master self-defense but also improve your physical fitness.

8. Elite MMA — Greenway

  • Address: 3311 Richmond Ave Ste 101, Houston, TX 77098
  • Cost: First class free

If you want to improve your combat skills, you should check out Elite MMA in Houston, Texas. They offer boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, Jiu-Jitsu, and mixed MMA classes.

Also, the gym has a lot to offer regarding training equipment. There’s no shortage of mats and heavy-duty bags. In addition, there are classes for all levels of experience at this facility.

The gym instructors have decades of boxing experience and give a free class on your first trial. Besides their group classes, the instructors offer private lessons for people who want one-on-one coaching.

9. Katy Boxing Club

  • Address: 18703 W Little York Rd #102, Katy, TX 77449
  • Cost: A single membership costs $200, while a family membership costs $550 (for five people)

This family-oriented boxing gym is for people of all ages and skill levels. Katy Boxing Club is a great place to learn, whether you’re just starting or you’ve honed your skills over time.

The gym is fully equipped, so you’ll find a use for their boxing rings, mats, heavy bags, and many others. They offer a friendly atmosphere, but at the same time give customers challenging classes.

You’ll get just the right amount of challenge to help you improve your fitness and achieve your goals. As a family, it’s a great place to get in shape, and the classes are delightful for children.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Boxing Gym

Boxing has evolved over the past few years into a viable option for people who want to stay in shape. Finding a boxing gym where you can take classes is a popular option for many people looking to get fit these days.

If you seek a boxing gym, there are numerous factors to consider. Today, it may seem relatively easy to pick a boxing gym from among the many new ones cropping up in recent times. However, finding a boxing gym that is the right fit for you and your specific requirements is critical. For this reason, we’ll help you narrow your options as you search for a new boxing gym.

Outlined below are key factors to look into when searching for a good boxing gym:


The location of a boxing gym is the most crucial consideration when selecting a training facility. It’s best if you can find a boxing gym that’s not far from your house or your workplace. If you want a quick boxing workout on the weekends, your gym should be close by.

In addition, public transportation must be easily accessible. Overall, accessibility is, in some way, the most important factor, so you won’t be tempted to skip out on your workouts.

Professional Instructors

Your instructors are responsible for laying the groundwork for your skills. The best instructors have fought at the highest levels of competition and know firsthand what it takes to be in a championship.

The quality of instructors can judge the quality of a boxing gym. These teachers can bring out the best in their students. In addition, they’re aware of newbies’ difficulties and potential obstacles they may encounter at each stage of their training (including experienced fighters).

Also, instructors should be friendly and accessible to students. When you have questions or mistakes, they should be available to answer and correct you.

Infrastructure and Gym Equipment

A boxing gym’s facilities and equipment are also part of things to consider. Your boxing gym should have all the necessary training supplies and equipment for the price you paid. In other words, there shouldn’t be fights over heavy bags, jumping ropes, or other equipment at the gym.

Also, it should have adequate space for working out. Whether it’s a group class or personal training, the gym facility should be able to accommodate the customers. No one will want to work out in a crowded gym.

In addition, the gym must maintain a high hygiene standard for its customers’ well-being. The facilities and equipment must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Welcoming Environment

The people you train with are an important part of the training process. However, students should also endeavor to be courteous.

The gym should provide an environment that makes the training facility conducive for people of different cultures and lifestyles, as community and culture play an equal role in a person’s well-being. The participants should be approachable and welcoming. The right boxing gym can help create this type of atmosphere.

Also, the boxing gym should be a place where people not only learn to fight but also develop a positive atmosphere reflected during the training sessions.

The most important thing is that it should be welcoming to newcomers. However, grouping students of varying skill levels in a boxing gym is a good idea. You’ll be able to progress at your own pace and gain confidence.


How much does boxing training in Houston, Texas, cost?

Typically, boxing classes in the area cost between $80 and $180 per month. Still, the cost of a gym membership varies greatly depending on how popular it is, the duration of the training, and skill level. For example, a well-known boxing club in Houston, Texas, is likely to be more expensive than a smaller club in a less popular one.

How long will it take one to learn boxing in Houston-located boxing gyms?

After six months of consistent training, most students can master the basics of boxing. However, it can take anywhere from two years to two decades to master boxing at an intermediate level.

It’s important to practice boxing regularly as your skills improve with time. Suffice to say, it’s impossible to perfect the sport as it’s a lifelong practice.

Do boxing gyms in Houston, Texas, offer personal lessons?

Yes, some boxing gyms in Houston, Texas, offer private classes. Some people don’t feel comfortable in group classes for some reason and may opt for one-on-one sessions instead. Certain Houston-located boxing gyms that offer this option include Savarese Fight Fit WestU and Elite MMA — Greenway.

What type of workout sessions do boxing gyms in Houston, Texas, offer?

A typical session in a Houston-based boxing class will involve an aggressive cardio warmup. The instructors will also engage participants with bodyweight exercises and core strengthening workouts. Regardless of your skill level, Houston-located boxing gyms present challenging workouts.


If you live in Houston, Texas, and its suburbs and seek a good boxing gym to train at, you can visit any of these gyms on our list. They’re some of the best boxing gym facilities in the area. They have a conducive environment and the best reputation in boxing training.

You’ll be surprised how many people devote their entire lives to the sport of boxing. Boxing gyms are definitely an excellent place to hone your boxing skills. They also allow you to meet people in your community and, most of all, keep fit.

These boxing gyms have the best instructors with experience in this skill. In addition to being popular with athletes and boxers, these gyms offer everything you need to develop your combat skills.

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