Best Boxing Gyms in Seattle

The Best Boxing Gyms in Seattle (Our Top 7 Picks)

Seattle—with its estimated population of over 4.1 million people—is home to over half of the inhabitants of Washington. The city is the 15th biggest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the United States of America.

Seattle was a place that the boxing legend, Mohammed Ali, visited quite often. Some of these trips would almost certainly have influenced some of the city’s residents to take up boxing or urge family and friends to do so. Yet, finding the ideal boxing gym may be difficult after making such a decision — an issue that our list of top boxing gyms in Seattle is here to help you address.

The Top 7 Boxing Gyms in Seattle

We’ve selected and compiled a list of the best gyms in Seattle, Washington, based on their teaching techniques, boxing equipment and space, customer review, and gym reputation.

Here are the top 7 gyms in Seattle, WA:

1. Seattle Boxing Gym

  • Address: 2001 15th Avenue W., Seattle, WA 98119.
  • Price Range: $40–$1,600, depending on the category.

At Seattle Boxing gym, the sessions combine strength and cardio training with boxing methods and may be practiced at any fitness or skill level. Its devoted and experienced teachers offer their distinct training style, which enables students to learn diverse skills. Furthermore, the learning environments guarantee that each member receives personal attention.

Novices and boxers looking to improve their techniques can access several classes in the gym. The beginner’s class teaches basic boxing principles, such as proper punch form, footwork, and defense. In addition to teaching proper posture and footwork, the group class also educates the trainees on shadow boxing, excellent form and coordination, practice on punching bags and pads, and simulated fighting.

Similarly, the trainees learn how to train their entire body while building strength. Other activities offered in the institution include youth programs, sparring sessions, private training, open gym, and boxing strength and fitness sessions.


  • Wide variety of programs.
  • Well-equipped facilities.
  • Top-notch instructors.
  • It offers the first class for free.


  • Team pairing could be challenging.

2. Title Boxing Club

  • Address: 112 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103.
  • Price Range: $19.99–$199.99, depending on the plan.

Title Boxing Club has been said to revolutionize the oldest sport in the world — boxing. Its major aim is to transform a physically demanding activity into another enjoyable form of exercise. For instance, the Seattle-based club ensures clients get a full body workout without strenuous equipment like the rower, ballet bars, treadmills, yoga mats, and cycling shoes.

Regardless of the time frame of the fitness class, it encourages its trainees to follow the exact pattern of a three-minute warm-up round on the core and heavy bag exercises. The Title Boxing Club is devoted to providing services to individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes with the energizing exercises needed to achieve their goals.

For total-body exercises, it offers HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts and aerobic activities like squats, mountain climbers, lunges, shadow boxing, jumping jacks, and more to activate various muscle groups. It also facilitates plans to continue to work on increasing clients’ caloric burn and physical endurance as well as their balance, coordination, responsiveness, and agility.


  • Affordable payment plans.
  • 7-day FREE trial.
  • Inspirational and motivating coaches.


  • It may have cancellation policy issues.

3. The Boxing Gym Westside

  • Address: 10031 16th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98106.
  • Price Range: $25–$195, depending on the plan.

The Boxing Gym, White Center, boasts a welcoming neighborhood situated in the central core of Seattle. It’s commonly believed that this community was founded in 2015, and the gym has since invited all students interested in working diligently amid having fun to join the community.

The gym attempts to teach the fundamental principles of boxing through a progressive curriculum. It aims to provide members of society with the opportunity to grow and fearlessly become the best versions of themselves via the exquisite sport of boxing.

Classes at the boxing facility on the Westside range from the elementary beginners class through the “box 1” and “box 2” classes. In addition to its core training program, it also offers boxing classes for all genders, creating a safe space for women of color, trans, and queer. The Boxing Gym offers bag therapy, a high-intensity strength and conditioning class, alongside youth boxing, clinic, workshop, and other events.


  • Dedicated coaches and friendly faces.
  • Excellent coaching.
  • It offers extracurricular activities, such as workshops.
  • Sparring isn’t compulsory.


  • You need appointments to use the gym.

4. MKG Fitness

  • Addresses:
    • 11552 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125.
    • 1557 NE 145th St., Seattle, WA 98155.
  • Price Range: $25–$477, depending on the category.

MKG Fitness works to improve its clients’ physical prowess and martial arts expertise without the restrictions of monotony in a safe, friendly, and energetic environment. The organization makes a big effort to emphasize enjoyable education and chock-full practical skills. At the same time, it educates students in counterattacking and shows you how to start hitting pads as soon as you join.

One of the numerous art-specific seminars provided at MKG Fitness is “The MKG Style,” its unique training, which is a logical and progressive merging of the martial arts it teaches. Additionally, they provide individual instruction in Muay Thai kickboxing, Filipino Kali/Arnis/Escrima, Silat, boxing, Jun Fan JKD, Savate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and combat submission wrestling — an MMA technique.

Self-defense classes and martial arts training are also offered at MKG Fitness. All skill levels are welcome to enroll in lessons, regardless of age, fitness level, experience level, or area of interest (general interest, fitness, self-defense, or stress management). Again, the fitness center ensures courses and programs are focused on assisting customers in growing at their speed and offering assistance in accomplishing their goals.


  • Skilled coaches.
  • Spacious environment.
  • It offers exclusive web specials, ebooks, and video tutorials.


  • It usually has cancellation policy issues.

5. Axtion Club

  • Address: 2602 Second Ave. Seattle, WA 98121.
  • Price Range: $90–$149 per month.

Axtion Club blends the traditional abilities of sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing with the most up-to-date physical conditioning methods and training programs to provide its members an efficient, fun, intense, and safe workout in every session.

Along with personal training, HIIT 45, body conditioning, group exercise, and continual new and interesting activities, Axtion Club provides other unique services. Axtion Club Muay Thai is an all-encompassing exercise that can help the trainees achieve the slim, athletic body they desire. The boxing club expects the trainees to learn new skills to gain muscular strength throughout their sessions.

Furthermore, the club offers a mix of Muay Thai and boxing classes integrating body fitness with the basics of Muay Thai and boxing to give students a full-body workout that aims to improve speed, balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Various class systems use a combination of heavy bag workouts, punches, and kicks.

Axtion Club also provides virtual or in-person personal training, allowing its clients to work out at their convenience. To assist customers in reaching their goals, improve methods, and increase self-assurance and energy, the gym instructors collaborate with them.


  • Online personal training.
  • Workable schedules.
  • Top-notch instructors.


  • Its boxing classes for beginners may not be significantly enlightening.

6. Emerald City Boxing & Fitness

  • Address: 6516 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.
  • Price Range: $20–$145, depending on the class.

People who intend to improve their skills, learn boxing, or enjoy both gifts can take advantage of Emerald City Boxing & Fitness services. The good thing about these services is they’re available to individuals of various ability levels. Plus, clients can contact friendly and skilled coaches for more personalized fitness sessions.

The fitness center works to enhance its customers’ strength, cardio, and boxing skills through group training programs. Moreover, its trainers and staff constantly strive to assist its customers in achieving their goals through group fitness programs and private instruction.

All the gym’s coaches have USA boxing accreditation and are accomplished amateur fighters. Again, the trainees receive a unique and customized exercise experience with the necessary training aids and apparatus to assist them in attaining their fitness or boxing objectives.

In total, the organization’s services include group fitness classes, personal training, an open gym, and children and youth programs.


  • Personalized experience.
  • Experienced coaches.
  • Affordable rates.


  • The open gym may be crowded with people.

7. Arcaro Boxing

  • Address: 1208 East Jefferson St, Seattle, WA 98122.
  • Price Range: $130–$160 (monthly).

Coach Tricia, the founder and head coach of Arcaro Boxing, was a professional and amateur fighter. Her professional career began in 2005 with Renton, Washington’s Credit Boxing. She defeated Holly Holm, Lisa Holewyne, Dakota Stone, and Mary Jo Sanders in thrilling matches to reach an 8-4 record.

Tricia established Arcaro Boxing in Pratt Park in the Central District in January 2013, and the center is driven by community, tradition, and boxing. Nine months later, Arcaro Boxing gym was opened in the Central District’s Jefferson building in October 2013.

Coach Tricia focuses on teaching boxing fundamentals using a biomechanical approach. Her private training sessions and workshops employ the Functional Patterns training system, for which she has received certification. She gives a new perspective on boxing and mobility as a Human Biomechanics Expert III.

Arcaro Boxing gym aims to prepare trainees ready to enter the ring. It’s dedicated to teaching the principles of both life and sport.

Similarly, the gym is invested in preparing its clients for competitions in and out of the ring. It boasts proficient coaches who desire to actualize the clients’ boxing goals.


  • Great coaching.
  • Decent gym music.
  • Friendly environment.


  • It’s slightly more expensive than most boxing gyms.


Can you get abs from boxing training in Seattle?

Yes, you can.

Boxing is a terrific technique to build useful and aesthetically pleasing abs. A widespread misperception is that boxing is primarily an arms workout. But, boxing is a great core workout when done properly.

Meanwhile, your shoulders will hurt if you practice boxing in an inappropriate stance. Consequently, gyms in Seattle endeavor to teach clients how to practice boxing techniques properly.

Do heavyweight boxers lift weights in Seattle?

Yes, they do.

Boxers that weigh more than 200 pounds are considered heavyweights. Heavyweight boxers should use additional training techniques to retain their flexibility, strength, endurance, and agility because of their greater stature. Therefore, it’ll help if heavyweight boxers lift weights.

Every weight class may benefit from lifting weights in their boxing preparation. Still, heavyweights particularly incorporate weightlifting as a key component of their regimen.

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How do boxers in Seattle become fit so quickly?

Boxers frequently employ running (roadwork) combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as aerobic exercise. Roadwork is more technical than your typical five kilometers of steady running. So, many boxers in Seattle frequently run as fast as they can for brief intervals or small distances. These daily exercises contribute to their fitness, hence the change in their body physique.

What kinds of boxing are available in Seattle?

Fighters are classified based on one of four widely recognized boxing styles. They are the boxer-puncher, slugger, out-boxer, and swarmer. Fighters in Seattle don’t always fall into these categories, and it’s not unusual for a fighter to alter their approach over time.


Many people devote their entire life to the magnificent sport of boxing. Look no farther than the boxing gyms on the list above if you’re searching for some of the top boxing schools with the best facilities, the nicest surroundings, and the best boxing histories in Seattle, WA. In addition to being well-loved by athletes and boxers, these gyms offer the qualities you need in an ideal boxing club for yourself or someone you know.

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